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Dear colleagues,


If you have truly discovered your on online goldmine, please share the steps you took to achieve same with many of us. Please ensure that your response is legit and verifiable. Also please lay out your steps in a very clear and easy-to-follow manner.


I am the Safe Online Wealth Exponent always seeking to learn and share the best, simple and legitimate ways of earning online.


I have my own steps that i will like to share but i will like a member to kick-start this as i do not seek to dominate this discussion.




Henry SA



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Dear colleagues,

I started making money by restricting myself to this site

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If a African like me can be making some good profit from this program, then anyone can do same.


Henry SA

hello,this is a great opportunity and it pays up to 105% depending on which investment you would to do.

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To get where I am today I had to go through a long arduous road. The bumps were many and I have fallen many times. Many forks and mountains had to be taken and climbed. This journey is far from over.

On the times I have gotten off the floor after a knockdown, I have come across some gems which I treasure today. Those gems were found among the rubbles and are now the crown jewels of my experience.

What helped me were contacts and friendships that were developed over a period of time. I found that being honest, straight forward and going out of your way to help have ways of coming back to you. While I have my share of knowledge, I don't know everything. Those are my basic guidelines which have helped me find those crown jewels I spoke of earlier.


Having shared my thoughts on this topic, I'd be more than happy to share those crown jewels should anyone be interested.





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