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Home} There is something about the Comfort of our home.
We all love our home, when we go else where to sleep we just cannot sleep as well as our own bed. We also being home with the family,and we would like to have as much free time as can get with our families. We also can lounge around in our pajamas or underwear and feel very much at home. Home is a very special place in our Hearts.
Work} We all know that we have to work for a living. We all know that we have bills to pay and some of us can use extra money , just to make the extra would help us make it through the rest of the month. And working just helps us learn all about responsibility and keeps food in our bellies, and puts clothes on our backs. So, we do need to work.
Biz} Business is a specialty , if we have a business we can learn all about responsibility really quick. Especially if have our own business, because it can make us or break us. So, if your serious about Home Business you need to look at this as a Business not a hobby. You definitely have to work if you want to make money and be successful in any type of business. Before you met your husband or wife …..or….boyfriend or girlfriend you had to try your best to show interest and there may have been some type of sacrifice. If you work hard and want to be successful you will have to want to learn and at least try to be patient to achieve your goals. If you believe in God, this is the reason I chose HWB…the first three letters to represent {His Will Benefits}… If you believe in yourself and you want to give of yourself and want to learn you can achieve anything you want and be successful. So, if your ready, to have more time with family and want to work and be business oriented and believe in yourself and want to help others achieve their goals …you will be a “Winner” and also go forward in your abilities.

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