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DNA- Data Network Affiliates- Tag Every Car. NO.1 Home Business in Advertising

DNA- Data Network Affiliates- Tag Every Car. NO.1 Home Business in Advertising

D.N.A. now ranked the #1 Home Based Opportunity in THE WORLD Data Network Affiliates are creating an eruption of noise in the MLM industry. Not yet launched, but already ranked top home based business in the world. Shying away from the MLM tag, Data Network Affiliates have coined the phrase Viral Affiliate Marketing or VAM for short. This truly has become a viral company. Over 33,000 affiliate in just 13 days since prelaunch. The official launch date is March 1st, 2010 and CEO Dean Blechman is ready to announce the event with an announcement that will shock the world. Mr. Dean Blechman one of the most respected names in Corporate America on 03/01/2010 will disclose "THE FULL D.N.A. PICTURE"... When you receive the complete details D.N.A. will go down in HISTORY as the biggest GAME CHANGER for the average person to succeed in their own business...

And how much will it cost to join and promote this "LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY" 100% FREE... where people can earn thousands and more without parting with one penny of money and by just collecting data on 20 car tags and teaching others to do the same. No product to sell and nothing to buy? How does DNA expect to pay out to the masses of affiliates that are joining? They will be selling the collected data to top companies who are desperately searching for this information. Starting with their phase 1 program, collecting car tags, DNA will be able to sell this information to Law enforcement, Banks, Car dealerships, Rental companies, insurance companies and many more. There are hundreds of companies who look to buy information about their customers and most of them are household names. 

Here is a list of a few of the companies that can take advantage of the data collected from Data Network Affiliates: Exxon Mobil / Wal-Mart Stores / Chevron / ConocoPhillips / General Electric / General Motors / Ford Motor / AT&T / Hewlett-Packard / Valero Energy / Bank of America Corp / Citigroup / Berkshire Hathaway / International Business Machines /McKesson / JP Morgan Chase & Co / Verizon Communications / Cardinal Health / CVS Caremark / Procter & Gamble / UnitedHealth Group / Kroger / Marathon Oil / Costco Wholesale / Home Depot / AmerisourceBergen / Archer Daniels Midland / Target / Johnson & Johnson / Morgan Stanley / State Farm / Insurance Cos / WellPoint / Dell / Boeing / Microsoft / Walgreen / United Technologies / Dow Chemical / MetLife / Goldman Sachs Group / Sunoco / Wells Fargo / United Parcel Service / Caterpillar / Medco Health Solutions / Pfizer / Lowe's / Time Warner / Sears / Safeway / Supervalu / PepsiCo / Kraft Foods / Lockheed Martin / Hess / Best Buy / Cisco Systems / Johnson Controls / FedEx / Walt Disney / Intel / Sysco / Honeywell International / Sprint Nextel / Enterprise GP Holdings / GMAC / Ingram Micro / Comcast / Northrop Grumman / News Corp / Apple / CHS / Coca-Cola / American Express / DuPont / New York Life Insurance / Aetna / Motorola / Abbott Laboratories / Allstate / TIAACREF / General Dynamics / Prudential Financial / Humana / Liberty Mutual Insurance Group / Deere / HCA / Tyson Foods / Alcoa / Tesoro / Murphy Oil / Philip Morris / Emerson Electric / M / Macy's / International Paper / Occidental Petroleum / Travelers / Rite Aid.

All affiliates have to do is collect 20 license plate tags along with location and time and send them to the company. That is all they have to do, once every 30 days. They get paid $2 for their efforts. But, the power lies in the team building levels, where each affiliate is encouraged to sign up as many affiliates as possible and get paid down 6 levels. Many affiliates already have more than 100 personally sponsored affiliates and the company hasn’t even officially launched yet. If you use the power of 10, which is pretty attainable to anyone who joins, the numbers can be staggering. After all, what else are they asking people to do? Collect 20 tags and tell other people to do the same. Everyone can do that…right? That is one of the reasons DNA seems to be exploding so fast. It is easy to sign people up for free and everyone can go out and collect 20 tags a month. you can log in to

Here at Data Network Affiliates, we pay you monthly for sending us just 20 license plate numbers you write down in your area or even while traveling to differant states. If you are tired of trying to make money online or can't find work because on the economy today this is a great opp. for anyone to beable to put food on the table and pay the bills each month. There is NO COST to join. 100% FREE. We pay you 6 levels deep so sign up as many people as you can.We give you 2 free websites to promate and get people on your down line and set back and get your check faithfully on the 20th of each month. We do have confrence calls weekly just to let you know how the company is growing and how your team is doing and so you can ask any questions you may have. really all you have to do today, to have your first real paycheck on the 20th of next month is Sign up and mail in your 20 licenses plates numbers for the month. And get the word out so everyone can start to make there share of a wonderful income . Remember this is free and anyone can do this, a child can write down 20 plates numbers and mail them in each month.

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