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I'm a new silver member and I was just wondering...from more experienced users...When did you start seeing more associates and dealers sign up? Can you relate it to one thing or another that you did? I've joined the traffic exchanges and safelists and worked on those, sent newsletters, e-mailers, links, I watch the bootcamp and webcasts.....I work on this almost every day. Could something be holding me back? Thanks a bunch.

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Hi Will
Thanks for posting your question for input from other dealers.
I can suggest that you use the landing pages and the 20+ Streams of income, following the steps of the bootcamp, post to your safe lists as often as permitted. Attend the live training on Fridays as well. We do make susgestions for trusted advertisers under "Advertising/Traffic on the left hand menu, you can see what sources we suggest even if you do not participate in our FastTrack lead program.

This is a great question and I can relate to wanting more Associate sign ups!

When I first signed up with Worldprofit, I was a victim of "information overload" and made the mistake of
trying to learn Internet Marketing on my own. I did not focus for several months really, that's why I like working with newbies. I have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt to prove it.

Looking back, what I should have done was advertise my landing pages through the traffic exchanges and safe lists.
I made the mistake of sending people to my website and not to landing pages. There are too many choices on my website for the exchanges and safe lists because they are more than likely "clicking on an ad for "credit".

The 20 or 30 seconds that they spend on your ad will not allow browsing all the links available on most websites.

Boot Camp training is important because you can get the information and training that may be missed during the fast paced world we live in. I have learned so much just by listening to the Monitors as they work in the Live Business Center.

If you really want training, spend some quality time in the LBC with Dr. Lant. He knows how to sale, close, market and more.

The bottom line from me is to send traffic to your landing pages: the one I use moor is the 50,000 guaranteed visitors with the opt in form (, however, I use a tracker service so I know how many hits I get each day.

I use HitsConnect: take a look at this info: http://www/ The idea about tracking is summed up here: Isn't it time you track exactly where your ads are getting traffic from?

Let me know if you need anything.

To your success.


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