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Remember all the things your parents, teachers, and society told you who you were not, not who you are? Your best thinking brought you where you are today. Do not criticize yourself or them. We all find ways to survive based on what we learn throughout our lifetime. When we decide to become conscious of how we think, we can take steps to change our beliefs and our lives. I have studied personal development, psychology, tai chi, yoga, numerous spiritual beliefs, etc. Theories are great to revise your beliefs but then you need to take action to manifest your passion.

We are now in a recession. People are experiencing hardships and consequently getting into a state of fear. Job losses, foreclosures, threats of layoffs, etc. are what we hear daily. Yet, during the depression, more millionaires were made than ever before. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill,written during those difficult times, has become a classic. Does that title upset you? One of the major limiting belief we have surrounds our idea of money.

Quantum physics has proven two principles that explain why Mr. Hill's findings work along with Bob Proctor's work with these findings.. Everything is composed of waves of energy. When we put thought (attention) on something, the attention takes a particle form. (for more info. on this read the "Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot). Money is no different. If we think money is bad or people with money are evil, we will never attract it.

I used to believe it was better to be a martyr than someone who leads. I went college, was working on my masters, etc. Then I realized, when I completed my degree in counseling and psychological services, I would make half of what I earned as a technologist and be back to two weeks vacation and then have to work two jobs in order to someday be able to retire. Social Security would pay my utilities only. More important, how could I counsel others, when I struggled myself?

I realized money is a means to an end, to give you the freedom to truly be of service to others. Mother Theresa lived in poverty, yet she was a strong business woman. She knew how to generate money, allowing her to due a lot more good than if she just lived with the poor and did not have ways to feed them.

How could I be of service to others if I was not walking my talk? I researched home based businesses, internet marketing, affiliate programs, MLM's, etc. seeking something I could offer that will give people the opportunity to really change their lives and found what resonated best with me. People have asked me, "Do you care what you sell? Why don't you just sell as much as you can to make the money?" Well, I am not a recruiter, building a downline with out any consideration to the impact that might have on others. I am a leader and am very selective who I work with. On one hand, I do not want to create co-dependancy. That usually ends up doing more harm than good. For those who really have a desire, a laser-like focus to succeed, I welcome them and coach and train.

If you find this type of thinking is a good fit for you and you would like to be involved with an opportunity that is now in over 75 countries world wide, feel free to contact me at 888-298-8036. Leave your name and number twice. I usually do my interviews on weekends, but if it is urgent, let me know and I will return your call sooner. This is not a get rich quick program. There is work involved, but also are the results in an average time of 6-8 months if you follow our simple system. This only can be done through your desire to succeed.

Make it a great day,
Below, these are some sites I am working on...they will continue to grow:)

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Greetings Marie,

I appreciate everything that success University has to offer but it's a bit too pricey for me right now. I gave it a shot and recommend it to anyone who can afford it. I am exploring similar avenues as this is my niche of choice as this suits my life goals and personality.

One thing I ran across recently is an older program that's by Mark Joyner for Free. I just started going through the course and I find it to be WONDERFUL!

The Simple Science of Getting What You Want - Simple*ology 101

I should be tooting moneymakers but to be honest, my heart is really into helping people. This course fits perfectly with this discussion topic and it's for those of us who need to get the core foundations of our thinking and beliefs in line with the Truth so that we can proceed to manifest our successes financially and personally. Whew, long sentence!
You get the point. "I want you to prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers." Let's begin by prospering our souls.

Merry Christmas and a VERY Prosperous New Year!
Dale Lovett (mrsmaxxx)
Marie Walentuk said:
Hi Dale,
I appreciate you stepping out and sharing. I repeat that I am not posting information regarding Success University as my business. I offered the free trial because my heart also is in guiding (not helping as I have learned helping only creates a dependency that keeps people at unequal know the saying..."Teach a man to fish..."?) I am not encouraging anyone to join it as I am not a fan of multilevel marketing, but I personally do enjoy the lessons, so why not give others 14 days to experience them and then take what they have learned and apply it to their lives? . That is what I am someone the tools to rid themselves of beliefs that stop them from being who they could really be.
My primary purpose is not to makes tons of money...that is recruiting. However, I had to and still am dealing with my own issues regarding money or accumulating wealth. As James Arthur Ray and many others teach, its not just about money, success includes all areas of your life. Success to me is making a difference and coming to terms with the fact that I and my daughters deserve a life of joy. We were put here to experience all the wonders this earth beholds and to share the with others.

Another issue that those with the intent in the service field is in being able to receive. Think about what it is like as a parent, giving and giving to your children or anyone, and then not having them accept what you have offered. Does it feel good and encourage you to give them more? Receiving with gratitude, all that is given, no matter what they appear to be and finding the gifts within, is what it is all about.

Money is just an energy. Is it helpful to be unhealthy and without energy or more helpful if you are strong (not just physically, we see what people like Stephen Hawkins can do without a healthy body)? To have wealth is just more energy to really make a difference in increasing one's ability to be of service to others. Yes, there are very wealthy people that do not appear to care about anyone, but every income level has it's degree of selfishness. Everyone has a beautiful soul. Intent/integrity is what makes the difference in how people utilize what is given. Judgment only leads to misconceptions based on our own limiting beliefs. We don't know, so to speak, what is going on behind the scenes.

Yes, I am a member of simpleology:),John Milton Foggs belief busters, the Global Coherence Project, The Institute of Heart Math, etc.. Part of my journey is to seek pearls of wisdom for my "toolbox" to utilize in my personal growth and to share information with others. I have done this for years in all my studies both of my belief systems, seeking The Truth. The company I work with holds the same mindset and that is why I chose them among many others.

I think if you review my post from another perspective, you might understand it in a different light. If you focus on money, and money is not good, you will block out my true message.

Again thank you for engaging in this conversation.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous Holiday season and a wonderful 2009.
Enjoy the link below...(I do not have a financial affiliation with this presentation either)


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