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Hello. I looked at the site It's a bit confusing. I wonder if you or any one you know is truly making money. Real money . Ya know ? Like I want to make $1500.00 a month. I have another opportunity that all I am doing is trying to drivev traffic to it. It's a nightmare. I got 1 sign up . I am so frustrated. I am in a tight spot and really need a wsy to make some money.
Hi Lisa, you are right there is a lot on this site and it can create an information overload.
What is important is to go through the bootcamp lessons one by one. It takes a bit of time to get your way around but before you can make some real consistent money at anything you have to go through a learning curve... Do not despair and keep going...
To your success!

Yes you can,with my current blogging system you can even shoot a video from your smart phone and have it upload to your blog in a matter of minutes.

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