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year old computer for my first competition 1985 and a place for it there was a bit was it was an experience that when out when I saw it for the first time my Christian was guest posing as in mister California at the time and you know it's got bit by Bert van is like just snowballed into what I do now have been on stage every single year except the two since that time has been spinner Iraq for journey over I'm still rolling with the punches wants to have a far wider T-Rex Muscle writings hews a shy kid she’s never were not imagine but I'm still says yeah I couldn't make it well I Yuga you actually I want to be bodybuilder probably since I was a kid just wasn't sure what model is all about know I just want our muscles in and I really thought to be competing for money and you know endorsing products and I kind of things you know my goal was just to be bigger and now you know that's Kandahar started to stop working on the gym and someone said hey you know is a local competition once you enter nice Italian are not good enough for that in after a few times a coast and competing in you know I got up on T-Rex Muscle stage and have people Chan for me in supporting me in a chance on love from their realize that you know this is what I want to do the competition thing access pin gym training camp in being or whatever and you know I think it was my third contest on I want a teen nationalism one my class of course that the guy Sarong here one whole show branch Warren and now you know he was a lot younger than me at the time away with them 17 yes I was 19 so branch you know he was really developed you know at that point I've been training I think I'm about two years and furniture 3 yeah and he was you know probably one of the best condition teenagers overseen at that point was afresh man high school I'll politic about a mile from of .

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